South Carolina Clay Conference 2018

February 23-25, 2018

Moving Clay Forward: Transformations of Surface & Form

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CONFERENCE PRESENTERS: Michael Kline, Lisa Orr, & Shadow May
Presentation Demonstration Descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Newberry Arts Center is pleased to announce the date for the 4th annual South Carolina Clay Conference. The Conference will be held February 23 through 25, 2018.  This annual conference is for professional and amateur clay artists and takes place in Newberry, South Carolina. The conference also hosts one of the largest displays of South Carolina clay art available for sale.

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Lisa Orr:
In this demonstration and hands-on experience, conference attendees will learn to layer textured decorations, slips and lowfire glazes to create depth and interest as rich as a gemstone.  Handbuilt and thrown pottery techniques will be demonstrated as well as small-scale sculptural pieces for the table.  These processes are excellent for both beginners and advanced ceramists and educators.  During the workshop, attendees will create their own low-relief sprig and practice using that along with expressive slip trailing on a small piece. Included is how to utilize nichrome wire to attach delicate or moving parts.  A rainbow of color layering possibilities can result by utilization of various engobes under transparent low fire glazes.  


Shadow May:
This demonstration focuses on the fearless methods of building and constructing ceramic sculptures. Conference attendees will gain experience with combining thrown forms and slab forms to create dynamic, ambiguous pieces. I will make small and large slabs without the use of a slab roller to make components for each sculpture. Whether beginner or advanced these techniques can be applied to many ways of working with clay. Attendees will be prepared to work with clay in a way they never have. Plan to experience the value of taking risks with your work and emphasizing an experimental approach to clay.


Michael Kline:
Michael Kline will demonstrate his traditionally rooted pottery forms as well as a variety of surface treatments including brushwork with wax resist and Korean inlay techniques.  Conference attendees will be lead through several playful hands-on brushwork exercises where  participants can use brush and ink in a group “cakewalk” painting and individually painting  patterns on paper plates.
There will be a discussion of the role that the internet and social media have played in the journaling of his studio practice as well as marketing of pots. 

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