SCCC 2017
Optional Carving Session with Elaine Coleman


Don’t miss a chance to learn, firsthand from Elaine Coleman, her amazing techniques for carving intricate details into her pottery. Elaine explains, “Students need to bring a greenware tile or small greenware vase or bottle to work on made out of a smooth clay or porcelain.  Each person carving with me needs to bring a pencil, any carving tools they like or have and a small sponge and a bowl for water.”   Newberry Arts Center-NAC will provide the pencils, sponges and bowls of water for this session. For participants unable to bring their own greenware, NAC will provide some small clay tiles. There is no extra charge for this session and will be in the same demonstration hall with Tom so you need not worry about missing any information with this incredible couple!


Hands on session with Elaine Coleman will take place on Saturday, February 26 at 2pm alongside Tom Coleman’s demonstration period.