All of May- Support Local Restaurants and Enter to Win Big!

 Newberry, SC – All are invited to support local restaurants across the City of Newberry throughout the moth of May! Participants must visit where they can download and print their Taste of Newberry BINGO card to complete on their own. During the month of May, participants are instructed to visit and purchase from the local restaurants listed on the card, mark the restaurants they’ve supported off their card (on their own, card does not need to be presented to the restaurant), and save their receipts. Once they’ve completed the card, as best they can, the card and receipts proving purchase can be submitted for a chance to win a prize!

Prizes will be awarded to three lucky participants drawn from a hat that will contain the names of those who entered. 3rd place winner will receive downtown restaurant gift cards and gourmet item valued at a total of $150. 2nd place winner will receive downtown restaurant gift cards and gourmet items valued at a total of $250. The Grand Prize winner will receive multiple gift cards to downtown restaurants and a gourmet gift basket, valued at a total of $500!

Following the BINGO card’s instructions, for every restaurant a participant supports they get one entry into the contest. If a participant scores BINGO on the card they gain ten entries. If a participant completes the whole card they receive 150 entries into the contest! “There is a FREE space on the card, in the center, so anyone can return a bingo card with just that space marked and their name to enter to win. If a participant gets BINGO twice, they’ll be entered 20 times. We really wanted to incentivize visiting all 24 of our city limits restaurants listed, so we will be awarding 150 entries to anyone who completes the card. That’s a lot of restaurants to support in a month with 31 days,” said Tourism and Event Manager Mary Alex Kopp.

Twenty-four local restaurants located I the City of Newberry limits have been invited to participate in the BINGO card. “Participation was limited to City limits restaurants that are not a part of a national chain or franchises that have more than 5 stores. We use similar rules for our regular Taste of Newberry indoor event,” said Kopp. Restaurants invited to participate did not have to pay a fee to be a part, “Just like our regular May event, we do not charge for participation. Taste of Newberry is a promotional opportunity for visitors and residents to get to know the flavors of the town, and after a hard year we wanted to do something that would encourage business to these locals.”

To prove they’ve “tasted” from each restaurant participants must include their receipts with their BINGO card when submitting them to the City of Newberry’s Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Office. “It’s the 21st century, so we know some receipts are digital. We accept those as well as the print copies! Just come by and see us by Tuesday, June 1st at 5 pm to enter to win,” says Kopp. For those who do not have a home printer or who do not wish to complete their BINGO card digitally, printed cards are available for pick up from the City of Newberry’s Parks, Recreation, and Tourism office at 1323 College Street, the same location where completed cards and receipts should be submitted for entry into the contest.

For more information contact the City of Newberry Parks, Recreation and Tourism office at (803) 321-1015 or visit Follow the City of Newberry on Facebook,, on Twitter @CityofNewberry, and on Instagram @CityofNewberrySC.