City Council, staff and community members gathered Wednesday to honor the memory of City Councilman Thomas Louis Boyd that passed away last year. Boyd represented the citizens of District 5 in the City of Newberry.

Through donations received from individuals and businesses, a park bench was dedicated in Boyd’s honor by the West End Home and Neighborhood Watch group. Councilwoman Jackie Holmes, now representing District 5, thanked the Boyd family, city staff and members of the neighborhood watch group for their support of this effort.

With help from city staff and the City of Newberry’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism department, Holmes said they were able to locate the perfect spot for the park bench in Dr. Julian E. Grant Park, 1719 Vincent Street.

Mayor Foster Senn said it was appropriate for the bench to be located in that park specifically, as it had been a dream of Boyd’s since beginning his term on council in 2006 to make improvements to the park.

“He pointed out what this park could become, and it turned out so beautifully,” he said.

Senn said Boyd also was key in naming the park after Dr. Julian Grant and having a historical marker for The People’s Hospital and its history in Newberry placed in the park.

“This is just one place where Mr. Boyd had an impact here in the city of Newberry. You could drive all over town and find places that he impacted and made a better place,” Senn said. “What a great tribute to our good friend, Councilman Thomas Louis Boyd.”

Boyd’s wife, Narvis said she thanked all involved in the dedication from the bottom of her heart.

“Y’all loved him and we thank y’all so much,” she said. “From the bottom of my heart, again, I thank you.”

 Narvis Boyd, left along with City Parks Recreation and Tourism Director Scott Sawyer, right, unveil the park bench.

 Mayor Foster Senn shares memories of Councilman Boyd.

 Members of the Boyd family. From left to right: James Perry, Vernetta Perry, Minister Tina Belton-Pittman, Linda Long, Allyssa Goodwin, Bridget Goodwin and Narvis Boyd. 

 Members of the West End Home and Neighborhood Watch group. From left to right (standing): Patricia Price, Councilwoman Jackie Holmes, Linda Long, Rev. Harry Werts and Wilbur Holmes. From left to right (seated): Bridget Goodwin and Narvis Boyd. 

 City Council. From left to right: Carlton Kinard, Jackie Holmes, Lemont Glasgow, David Force, David DuBose, Edwin Wicker and Mayor Foster Senn.