Newberry City Council passed an ordinance Monday to ratify utility rates that were passed in the current fiscal year’s budget. Motion to approve second and final reading of the ordinance was made by Councilwoman Jackie Holmes and seconded by Councilman Lemont Glasgow.

Mayor Foster Senn said that during council’s review of the draft budget earlier this year, they discussed a continuation of the 2% meter minimum increase for both water and sewer rates to offset the additional debt capacity needed to fund the 2015 series bonds as it continues to be recommended by the city’s utility rate consultants.

As an additional step, the ordinance was read by council in order to codify the ordinance.

With no comments in favor or opposition to the proposed ordinance, the public hearing was declared adjourned Monday. Senn said that an advertisement had been placed in The Newberry Observer that those wishing to speak had the opportunity to provide public comment via email or telephone to the City Clerk up until one hour prior to the meeting Monday.

To remind the public of the budget discussions from earlier this year, Senn said the average city residential customer saw a total increase of $0.74 per month based on a 5/8” meter. No changes were requested in volumetric charges for water or sewer.

City Council will meet again virtually on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. Information on how to access virtually will be announced prior to the meeting.