With the 2020 census just around the corner, Newberry is doing their part to make sure every person is counted.

Officials in Newberry have joined together to create a Complete Count Committee, a local group that works to promote the census in order to make sure an accurate population count is achieved. The primary goal of the 2020 census being to count everyone once, only once, and in the right place.

Newberry County had a 75 percent completion rate of the previous census in 2010 on received invitations to participate in the census. With households that did not send in a return response, an in-person follow up was made in an attempt to collect the census data. The goal of the Complete Count Committee is to further improve that rate on the 2020 census by educating the community on its importance.

The census aims to count individuals at a particular address. The results determine a variety of things including how many representatives a state gets in Congress as well as the amount of federal funding allotted for projects such as roads, for hospitals and schools.

“The census is really important locally. That’s how we get our proper level of federal funding and grants for our community,” said Mayor Foster Senn. “In addition, prospective new businesses that are considering Newberry will look at the census results to see how we’re doing.”

Newberry’s committee is made up of many members within the community, including but not limited to representatives from Newberry County Memorial Hospital, Newberry County School District, non-profit organizations, community groups and more.

“I’m very pleased that we have a local census committee that will be helping publicize and promote the census and help people get educated on the importance of it.”

City Manager Matt DeWitt said they want residents living in the city to understand that their census responses are safe and secure.  

For those wishing to volunteer their time to Newberry’s Complete Count Committee, please contact Newberry City Hall at 803-321-1000.