City of Newberry staff have recently developed a Boards and Commissions application to gauge citizens’ interest and desire to serve on one of the city’s boards or commissions that provides information and recommendations to City Council.

Council was updated of the creation of the new application process at their meeting on May 7.

City Manager Matt DeWitt said that council wanted to find a more inclusive process to get citizens involved in the city’s local boards and commissions. The boards and commissions are city-wide and designed to help keep the city running smoothly, he said.

“They involve citizens making recommendations that will have lasting impacts on their community,” DeWitt said. “There are many areas of interest available, and the volunteer work on boards and commissions can be very rewarding personally, when the member gets to see their decisions positively impact their city.”

The applications are available on the homepage of the city’s website, under the “Get Involved” graphic. Those interested in applying can click underneath the graphic to find the downloadable PDF file with application and qualifications.

As the applications come in, the files will be kept at City Hall. When openings arise on various boards and commissions, the file will be consulted as to whom may have interest in filling a vacancy.

“We encourage all of our citizens to be active, involved and educated,” DeWitt said. “Even if you don’t apply for a boards and commissions position, I encourage you to tune into our social media outlets to find out about the latest happenings around the City of Newberry.”

The City of Newberry currently has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Citizens can also sign up for the city’s CodeRED Emergency Notification System through the city website. News is also posted on the homepage of the city’s website underneath their public social media feed.

For questions regarding the new boards and commissions application process, contact the city’s Planning and Development department directly at 803-321-1019.