The Willowbrook Park Cabin, located at 714 Crosson Street in Newberry is now available to be rented by the community. Rental forms are available at the City’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism department, 1323 College Street in Newberry.

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Director Scott Sawyer said the cabin will be available for rent on a first-come first-served basis from the hours of 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. for a minimum period of five hours. The maximum period of time for the rental is eight hours.

For city residents, the rental rate starts at $75 for a five-hour rental and increases incrementally to a total of $120 for a full eight hours rental period. For non-city residents, the rate starts at $100 and is capped at $160 for eight hours. A full list of rates can be obtained from the parks, recreation, and tourism department.

A current city utility bill indicating in-city services is required to validate residency. A $50 key and damage deposit is required and must be paid prior to the event date. The Parks, Recreation and Tourism department reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of the deposit, depending upon the condition of the cabin after a rental.

Per the City’s fire marshal, occupancy of the space is no more than 50 persons.

Sawyer said parking was available along Crosson Street, within the park from the cabin to Academy Street, along Academy Street and Lyles Street. Sidewalk access should not be blocked.

If the picnic shelter is rented in Willowbrook Park, parking at the shelter on Crosson Street will not be available.

Decorations will be permitted if no physical damage is incurred to the walls or any other part of the facility or furnishings and if they are removed at the end of the event. No signs should be nailed, pinned or stapled to any tree, park sign, facility or along roadways. Applicant will be required to pay for all damage, loss and cost of excessive cleanup.

Event restrictions include alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco products, weapons, profanity and any obscene or indecent activity.

Cooking is prohibited inside the cabin. However, personal grills may be used when placed in a safe location outside of the cabin.

“The renovations to Willowbrook Park and the park cabin, in particular, give the community a freshened up indoor facility for small birthday parties or community gatherings that we haven’t previously had in many years,” Sawyer said. “We’re looking forward to the community being able to take advantage of such a great space.”