City Council approved first reading of an ordinance Thursday to assign a zoning classification of PD- Planned Development and to amend the zoning and future land use maps to parcel numbers 340-1-57 and 340-1-72 located on Smith Road. Motion was made by Councilman Zebbie Goudelock and seconded by Councilman Thomas Louis Boyd.

A public hearing was held prior to the first reading with no public comment in favor or in opposition of the proposed zoning.

The parcels’ intended purpose would allow for low density residential use and includes some green space for mixed development use for residential recreation.

City Manager Matt DeWitt said the developer has broken down their plan in two phases – the first to include 29 lots and the next phase to include 53 lots. Each lot would be relatively small in size.

“The thought process is that folks don’t want a lot of maintenance outside of their home,” DeWitt said. “When we were considering how to set this up, that was the premise.”

With there being 82 lots in the overall site plan for the property, DeWitt said the developer has 12 home plans that have been looked at and considered by the city’s planning commission.

Each home is a slab-built home, DeWitt said varying in size between each of the 12 home plans. Variations will also be available in the exterior of the home to include options of brick, stone, wood, HardiePlank and stucco. DeWitt said council would be able to view the house plans at the next meeting.

“I think they are well put together,” DeWitt said of the house plans. “It will have your typical neighborhood infrastructure to include sidewalks and street lights.”

The neighborhood will have a covenant for upkeep similar to a homeowner’s association, DeWitt said to keep the area nice for years to come. All city ordinances and regulations would also apply.

While most of the homes are in the 1800-2200-square foot size range, Ward Braswell, director of planning and development services said the smallest house plan would sit just below 1500 square feet. Each home would be considered a single-family home.

The infrastructure of the property to include water, sewer and electrical services will be signed over to the city following the completion of the neighborhood. DeWitt said gas would be provided to the neighborhood from the Clinton Newberry Natural Gas Authority (CNNGA).

Because the house plans have been approved by the city’s planning commission, Mayor Foster Senn said if the developer chooses to change anything that has previously been submitted, they must come back to city administration and council to gain approval to make those changes.

“The planning commission was very valuable in helping us put this together,” DeWitt said.

Under old business, second and final reading was held of an ordinance to adopt the city’s budget for fiscal year 2018-19. Motion was made by Boyd and seconded by Goudelock.

The budget was balanced, DeWitt said at $66,751,454, decreasing from the last fiscal year by $4,063,060.

There are no tax or business license increases in the upcoming budget as well as no electric rate increases for customers.

Under the utility fund, the budget has a two percent increase on minimum water meter rates. For a typical customer this averages out to a 50 cents increase on a monthly bill.

Second reading was also passed Thursday of an ordinance to assign a fee schedule to the Willowbrook Park Cabin as it is now available to rent to the public for events.

The fees for the cabin would be $100 for non-city residents for a five hour period. City residents with a current utility bill would receive a $25 discount on that fee. Additional hours may be reserved at a maximum of three hours with a rate of $15 per hour for city residents and $20 for non-residents.

A deposit of $50 for damages is required with the rental fee and would be refundable when the key is returned and it has been determined that the cabin was left in satisfactory condition. The cost of booking the cabin would cover water, electricity, staff costs and the use of tables and chairs. Hours of use would mirror park hours.

Motion was made to adopt second and final reading by Boyd and seconded by Councilman David DuBose.

Another special meeting will be held Thursday, June 28 at 6 p.m. to conduct second and final reading of the rezoning of the property on Smith Road.