Gig City Fiber

Why choose Fiber services for your new home?

Your connection to community, family, school, work, and medicine. . .

The connections you make throughout your lifetime are important.

Fiber Internet is the fuel that propels your digital life to help you connect better and share more — whether you're sending videos to family and friends across the country or gaming with a friend who lives next door.

Here are some great reasons to get excited about connecting with Fiber Internet:


More for Less

For less than a cup of coffee per day, you'll have the internet speed your family needs to fuel all your devices! Plus, fiber increases the property value of your home by an average of 3.1%.*


Trusted Reliability

When you choose WCFIBER Internet you won't have to worry about your internet service in times of crisis. Our Fiber Network is robust, built with redundancies and safeguards, and monitored daily.


Smart Connections

Devices tend to multiply in our homes, especially when kids are home from school, but you can feel confident that our Fiber will support you no matter how many devices you add! Did you know that the average home now has an estimated 35 smart devices?**


Fiber Internet at the Speed of Light

You can connect to the fastest internet speeds available in the nation! Fiber has unlimited potential for speed, which means, as new technologies are developed, you'll have the bandwidth to support them all.


Connect More

You'll receive unlimited data! There is no limit on our data usage — downloads or uploads. Whether you're binge watching your favorite series or video chatting with friends and family, you can connect more.