Newberry Arts Center: Digital Photography


Newberry Arts Center: Digital Photography
Sat, 17. April 2021
Newberry Arts Center


An Introduction to Digital Photography

with Gene Ellenberg
An Introduction to Digital Photography
The content of a photograph doesn't change over time, but we do. We are surrounded by images every day, each presented in a specific context and much subjective to our own individual, personal life perspective. As image-makers, we have very little control over how our images are interpreted once we share them with the public. However, we can certainly have more intentionality in our practice of making images. This course introduces digital photography, including the use of manual exposure camera controls for a standard DSLR, and a review of relevant digital software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. We will look at a number of contemporary photographic practitioners, and discuss historical and contemporary approaches. We will explore both technical and conceptual aspects which aim to improve critical thinking and visual literacy through the medium of photography.