Newberry Arts Center: Acrylic Pour Party


Newberry Arts Center: Acrylic Pour Party
Sat, 14. December 2019, 18:00 h
Newberry Arts Center


Acrylic Pour Party-

Pouring is exactly how it sounds, you pour your paint directly on the canvas and manipulate it different ways to create cool effects. For these parties we use Earth Safe Finishes, a painting company located right here in Newberry that focuses on making non-toxic paints! All classes start at 6pm and are $25 per person. Even if you mark that you are coming on Facebook, PLEASE CALL 803-597-1125 OR STOP IN NAC TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE. Spaces are limited so register early. We do allow children 12 and older in the class, but if you have any questions about this please call and we will work with you. Hope to see you there!


1200 Main Street
Downtown Newberry