Newberry College Diversity Week


Newberry College Diversity Week
Mon, 21. October 2019 - Fri, 25. October 2019
Newberry College


Newberry College hosts annual Dufford Diversity and Inclusion Week

All events are free and open to the public except where noted.

Oct. 21 – “Unexampled Courage.” Keynote and book signing with Judge Richard Gergel. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel tells the story of Sgt. Isaac Woodard, a decorated African-American veteran who was blinded by police in Batesburg-Leesville on his way home from service in World War II. The case served as a catalyst for civil rights reform in America. Newberry Opera House, 7 p.m.

Oct. 22 – Agents of Change Fair. Organizations provide support and resources for members of the campus and greater Newberry communities. Eleazer Arena, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Oct. 22 – "Visions of Women." Dorlisa Adams, founder of the nonprofit Visions of Women, discusses her organization and its efforts to raise awareness about domestic violence, to support victims and to promote healthy relationships. Kohn Lecture Hall, Science and Mathematics Building, 3 p.m.

Oct. 23 – Wednesday Chapel service. Pastor Frederick L. Smith of Newberry’s Bethlehem Baptist Church addresses the College’s mid-week prayer service. Wiles Chapel, 10 a.m.

Oct 24 – "An Evening with Danny Gardner." Actor, author and comedian Danny Gardner returns to Newberry to preview the sequel to his 2017 novel, “A Negro and an Ofey,” and to introduce his newly established publishing company, Bronzeville Books. Gardner was featured in the College’s ongoing Gerding Author Series in 2017, a literary program made possible by a grant from Jim and the late June Gerding. Newberry Opera House, 7 p.m.

Oct. 25 – "The Art of the Conversation: Why Words Matter." Talk and book signing with Professor Nikky Finney. Professor Nikky Finney, award-winning poet and University of South Carolina professor, discusses the art of civil discourse and the importance of words in the ongoing pursuit of equality and inclusion. Wiles Chapel, 2 p.m.

Oct. 28 – "Newberry Needs to Talk About… Being the Change." The latest installment of the “Newberry Needs to Talk About…” series, hosted by the student-led Social Justice Club, explores the need for students to be agents of change on campus and in communities. Alumni Music Center Recital Hall, 7:30 p.m.

Dufford Diversity and Inclusion Week is part of Newberry College’s ongoing efforts to promote appreciation for diversity and create a culture of respect. The program promotes an appreciation for the differences that give individuals a sense of identity – among them religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender, age, ethnicity and race.

Dufford Diversity and Inclusion Week is sponsored by educator and social justice activist William Dufford, Ph.D., of Columbia, S.C. Born and raised in a segregated South within a block of Newberry College, it never seemed out of the ordinary to Dufford that he attended an all-white school, was captain of an all-white basketball team, was taught by all-white professors or that the only African-Americans on campus served food or swept the halls.

Dufford’s eyes were slowly opened to the injustices that were a fact of life for most African-Americans when he served with African-American men in the Navy and as he came to know African-American students during his doctoral studies at the University of Florida. With awareness came a desire for change and Dufford began to grow beyond his roots to become a champion for social justice.

Organized in part by the Muller Center at Newberry College.