Newberry EclipseFest


Newberry EclipseFest
Fri, 18. August 2017 - Mon, 21. August 2017
City of Newberry Events


Save these dates for the Newberry EclipseFest- a weekend of fun, family-friendly activities to celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse in Newberry, SC.

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Enlighten your brain with hands on activities ranging from building your own space craft to the science of beer, speakers, photographs, tasting foods, listening to music and moving your heavenly body. A total experience while experiencing totality.  Engage with your family, community, and humanity through this very scientific yet human event all throughout different venues in our historic downtown- that last saw a total eclipse in 1900. All leading up to the Experience of the eclipse at 2:40 P.M. on August 21st. The last eclipse was in 1900 and there won’t be another one until 2078. A once in a lifetime event for the entire family.  Janet Ivey, PBS acclaimed Janet’s Planet host, will lead us through the Eclipse along with 3 skilled and trained state winning teachers of the year and one NASA engineer. With these experts on hand, Newberry will be the best viewing location for this once in a lifetime event.

NEWBERRY ECLIPSEFEST: 8/18 & 8/19 11am-5pm, 8/20 1pm-5pm, 8/21 11am-5pm    

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