Newberry Community Chamber Orchestra


Newberry Community Chamber Orchestra
Sat, 24. October 2020, 10:30 h


The Newberry Chamber Orchestra invites you to their FREE pop-up concert at the @GrowNewberrySC at 10:30 am, Saturday. Please maintain social distancing and wear a mask at the event. Thank you to the community orchestra for choosing to practice safely so their music can be shared with us!
"When COVID-19 prompted new safety regulations on the Newberry College campus this fall, a dozen community members of the Newberry Chamber Orchestra were left separated from their usual Monday night music-making experience. Understanding the College’s precautions, these community members, commuting from an hour’s radius of Newberry, unanimously agreed to keep making music, changing their weekly rehearsal date, and meeting off-campus after a generous rehearsal-space offer was extended by the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer. So, every Tuesday evening the group convenes in their church’s Family Life Center.
Music Director Dr. Patrick Casey explains: “After two charter members expressed a keen desire to keep playing, it was my pleasure to send out an invitation to all our community members…and their response was a unanimous ‘let’s PLAY!’ Consequently, this fall represents the first time in the history of the Newberry Chamber Orchestra [founded in 2013] that we have an exclusive ‘community’ arm, meeting separately from our Newberry College student membership.”
After nearly two months of separate operations, this determined group of community performers are now ready to play for the public---outdoors while the autumn weather still permits.
So, Saturday morning, October 24th, on the perimeter of the farmer’s market, by the Newberry Opera House awning, come out and enjoy a “debut” performance—socially distanced, with masks--by the Newberry COMMUNITY Chamber Orchestra.
The group will perform a variety of classic works, with a bit of fiddlin’ thrown in as well!
Community members include: FLUTE: Kathrin Kucharski; BASSOON: Kevin Dove; VIOLIN: Alice Ramirez, Margaret Gerstung, Noah Brandon, Van Price, Karen Rambo, Elamon Barrett, Elizabeth McCoy, Sophia Davis, and Evelyn Sheppard; VIOLA: Jan Redden and Bobbie Wagner; CELLO: Luke Davis; CONTRABASS: Rich Ritter."