Finance Department

Shannon Smith, Director
1330 College Street - P.O. Box 538
Newberry, SC 29108
Phone: 803.321.1007
Fax: 803.321.1009
Office Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

The City of Newberry Finance Department serves primarily to bill, collect, disburse and account for City monies. The major billing activity is centered on the City’s water, sewer, electric and garbage systems and includes the reading of all City of Newberry water, effluent, and electric meters. The major collection activity involves utility bill payments for water, sewer, electric and garbage services and the customer service duties associated with these utilities.

Major disbursements include the production of the City’s payroll for over 140 employees and the production of accounts payable checks to all vendors who furnish products and services to the City. The Finance Department also serves as the City’s bookkeeper and is responsible for ensuring budgetary compliance and for presenting the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and many other specialized reports.

The Finance Department is one of the City’s many customer service arms, serving both Newberry citizens and City of Newberry employees. All City departments feed information to and receive information from the Finance department (ex. payroll, accounts payable, financial reporting).

The City does not have a 3rd party agreement on Utility payments.  The only way to pay your bill is by coming in to City Hall, bank draft, or directly from the City's Website. Please note that the City’s official bill pay website is through Payment submitted through any other payment service is not endorsed by the City of Newberry and any late penalties that result from payment made to any other payment service other than the City’s official payment site, is the responsibility of the customer.  If you are not sure if the payment site you visit is the City's official site, please call the Finance Department at (803) 321-1007 to confirm the official site.  If you feel like you are being scammed please contact us to ask questions.

Finance Department Downloads

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