I’ve been writing artist statement for many years and for the most part I find the experience much like a self massage. Recently when asked to repeat this task someone said just tell us what your about, what do you believe in? I didn’t take me long to think about this since I talk about it in every workshop I give. First and foremost I believe one must have a true love of the medium. Second, I believe in quality, the highest one can achieve to their ability. Third, since I was trained in the classic Japanese tradition I think that pure form, composition and balance must be learned before one can attempt such things as sculpture or a-symmetrical pieces. Starting off as a functional potter with a degree in fine art helped me advance to the position I’m in today. Money helps pay the bills but it can’t be the sole reason one becomes involved with any art form. My true love of clay, glazes and the process of finishing my pieces have helped me to stay just as excited about my art as I was when I started over fifty years ago.


TOM COLEMAN              Selected Resume


1964-1968  The Museum of Art School, Fine Arts Degree, Portland, Oregon
1968-1987   Studio Potter, Canby, OR
1969-1973   Head of Ceramics, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
1973-1974   Portland State University, OR
1987-1990   Instructor UNLV, Las Vegas, NV
1974-1993   Studio Potter, Oregon and Nevada
1994-2000  Coleman Clay Studio & Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
2000-2015  Studio Potter, Henderson, NV


2015 Dan finch Pottery workshop, “Four Amigos”, NC
2015 Sherrie Gallerie Exhibition, “Tom & Elaine Coleman Treasures”, Ohio
2015 Columbus Cultural Center workshop, Ohio
2015 River Oaks Square Art Center, Juror for “Dirty Mugs Competition, LA

2014  Akar Design, "Yunomi Invitational" Iowa City, Iowa
2014  "Shino On", Houston, Texas
2014 "Collaboration" Red Lodge Clay Center Gallery, Montana
2013  Akar Design, "Yunomi Invitational" Iowa City, Iowa
2013  NCECA "Shino Extravaganza", Houston, Texas
2013  Walla Walla University Gallery, Washington
2012 "The Cup Show Invitational", Seattle Washington
2012  Red Lodge Gallery, NCECA, Washington
2012  Peninsula Fine Arts Center,VA 2011  Santa Fe SOFA, Sherrie Gallerie
2011  The Craftsman House, Saint Petersburg, FL
2010  Red Lodge Clay Center, Red Lodge, MT
2010  Art Spirit Gallery, “Clay Invitational”, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho
2010  AKAR  Design, Iowa City, Iowa
2009  SOFA, Sherrie Gallery, Chicago
2009  Sherrie Gallery, Columbus, OH
2009  “Simply Formal”, NCECA Conference, AZ
2008  Western Colorado Center for the Arts, Grand Junction
2008  “On River Through the Valley of Fire” Tom Coleman and Frank Boyden collaboration  
             Exhibition, AMOCA Gallery, Pomona, CA
2007  NCECA Conference, “The Firm;Inspiration and Evolution”, KY
2007  Red Star Studio, “Porcelain” Kansas City, MO
2007  Saint Petersburg Clay, FL
2006 “Covering The Surface, XIEMS Studio and Gallery, Pasadena, CA
2006  Baltimore Clay Works, “Porcelain Three Ways”, MD
2005  Academy Art Museum, “Particles and Passion: The Art of Clay”, Easton, MD
2005  “Endless Variations:  Shino Review 2005”, Baltimore Clayworks NCECA, MD
2003  Contemporary Crafts Museum, “The Soul of the Bowl”, Portland, OR
2003  Nevada Art Council Exhibition, “Desert Landscape”, Las Vegas, NV
2002  San Angelo Art Museum, “San Angelo Invitation”, TX
2002  NCECA Conference “Another Touch of Porcelain”, Kansas City
2001  Northern Clay Center, “Surface Tensions: Shino Exhibition”, MN
1999  Ferrin Gallery Teapot Exhibition, Northampton, MA
1998  “The Cambridge Invitational”, Cambridge, WI
1995  Victorian Clay Group Conference, Melbourne, Australia
1995  Montash University, Frankston Campus, Melbourne, Austraia
1993  “The Year of Crafts”, McVeety Gallery, Salesian, OR
1992  Chicago International New Art Forms Exposition, Chicago, IL
1992  “International Clay Today”, Posio, Finland
1991  American Crafts Museum, A Teapot Show”, New York
1991  “Clay Today”, Gammel oDk, Odense, Denmark
1991  “Galerie Van Aslant”, iBest-houtakker, Holland
1991   Museum Mensinghe in Roden, Holland
1991  Hollufgard Exhibition and Symposium, Dense, Denmark


2009  “More Glazes I Use” glazes, clays and ideas by Tom Coleman
2008  “On the River through the Valley of Fire: The Collaborative Ceramics of Frank Boyden
            and Tom Coleman”
2004  “500 Cups, Ceramic Explorations of Utility & Grace”, Lark Books
2004  “Making Marks, Discovering  "The Ceramic Surface”, by Robin Hopper
2003  “The Soul of a Bowl” Tom and Elaine Coleman, Don Reitz, Frank Boyden, Jenny Lind
2003  “ Studio Porcelain”, second edition by Peter Lane
2003  “The Mud Pie Dilemma, A Master Potter’s Struggle To Make Art And Ends Meet”,
            Second Edition by John Nance
2003  Tom and Elaine Coleman, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, January issue
2003  “Experience Clay” by Maureen Mackey, cover
2003  “Staying Alive, Survival Tactics For The Visual Artist by Robin Hopper
2002  Clay Times Magazine, March/April issue, “Copper Red King & Celadon Queen
2001  “Smashing Glazes” by Susan Peterson
2001  “Ceramics Spectrum”, by Robin Hopper
2000  “With A Little Help From My Friends” by Tom Coleman
1998   “Glazes I Use” by Tom Coleman
1996   “The Craft and the Art of Clay”, second edition by Susan Peterson
1995   “Contemporary Porcelain” by Peter Lane
1994   American Crafts Magazine, April/May issue, cover
1993   “The Complete Potter’s Companion” by Tony Birks
1991   Design Crafts Magazine, “Tradition and New Work”, Soul Korea
1983   “American Crafts: A source Book for the Home” by K. Pearson
1981   “American Porcelain: New Expressions” by Lloyd Herman
1978  “The Mud Pie Dilemma” by John Nance


2016  Gulf Coast Clay Conference, Kiln Walk Society, Pensacola, FL

2015  The Four Amigos, Dan Finch, Randy Brodnax, Tom Coleman, & Don Ellis, Bailey, NC, Bailey, NC, Bailey, NC, Bailey, NC, Bailey, NC, Bailey, NC, Bailey, NC, Bailey, NC, Bailey, NC

2015  Massarella Pottery and Clay Art, Santa Fe, NM

2015  Pottery West, Las Vegas, NV

2015  Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, OH

2015  River Oaks Art Center, Alexandria, LA

2015  Orrantia, Tucson, AZ

2015  Geil Kilns, Huntington Beach, CA

2014 Gulf Shores Kiln Walk Society, Pensacola, Florida

2014 Red Lodge Clay Center, "Collaboration", Tom Coleman / Frank Boyden, Montana

2014 Pottery West, Las Vegas, NV

2014 Sierra Nevada College, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

2013 Walla Walla University, Washington

2013 Pottery West, Las Vegas, NV

2013 18 Hands Gallery, Houston Texas

2012  Jackson Michigan Clay Guild Workshop, MI

2012  Shoreline Community College Workshop, Seattle, Washington


2012  The Clay Art Center, NY
2012  Pottery West, Las Vegas, NV
2012  Jackson Pottery and Clay Guild, Jackson, MI
2011  The Craftsman Gallery, Saint Petersburg, FL
2011  Aardvark Clay Supply, Santa Ana, CA
2010  Potter’s Council Conference, San Diego, CA
2010  Fine Arts Center, Paul Geil and Tom Coleman, Chicago IL
2010  Red Lodge Clay Center, Matt Long and Tom Coleman, Red Lodge, MT
2010  Santa Cruz Art Center, CA
2010  Anchorage, Alaska, Paul Geil and Tom Coleman
2010  Saint Petersburg Clay, Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman, FL
2010  Anderson Ranch, Smowmass, CO
2009  Dan Finch Pottery, Bailey, NC
2009  “Fusion”, Toronto, Canada 
2008  University of Tulsa, OK
2008  Grand Junction Art Center, CO
2008  Western New Mexico University, NM
2007  Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA
2007  Red Star Studio, Kansas City, MO
2007  Saint Petersburg Clay, FL
2006  Xiem Clay Studio, Pasadena, CA
2006  Pennsylvania Craftsman Guild, PA
2006  Baltimore Clayworks, MD
2005  El Camino College, Torrance, CA
2005  Hambidge Center, Georgia
2005  Geil Kiln Co, Huntington Beach, CA
2004  Callanwalde Fountain, Atlanta, GA
2004  Metchosin Summer School of the Arts, Victoria, Canada
2004  Ernest Miller Studio, MN
2005  Wesleyan Potters, Middletown, CT
2003  Orchard Valley Ceramics Guild, Sunnyvale, CA
2003  Firehouse Pottery and Studio, Ojai, CA
2002  Great Lakes Clay and Supple, IL
2002  Peter’s Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ
2002  LaLoba Ranch Master’s Program, Steamboat Springs, CO
2002  San Angelo National, TX
2002  Creative Clay Supple, Alexandria, VA
2001  Finch Pottery, Bailey, NC
2001  St. Petersburg Clay, FL
2000  Metchosin International School of the Arts, Victoria, Canada
2000  Sierra Nevada College, Lake Tahoe, NV
2000  New Mexico Clay and Ceramic King, Albuquerque, NM
2000  Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL
1996   The American Ceramics Society, CA
1995   Victorian Clay Group, Melbourne, Australia
1994   Fusion, Clay and Glass Ass., Ontario, Canada
1990   Clay Today Conference, Odense, Denmark


Canton Museum of Art, Canton, OhioThe State of Colorado Permanent Collection, Steamboat Springs, CO
The Smithsonian Institute, American Art Museum, Washington, DC
Long Beach Art Museum, CA
Grimmerhus Museum, Fyn, Denmark
American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, CA
San Angelo Museum of Art, TX
Rio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Kaiser Hospital, Portland, OR
Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Logan, Utah
Sapporo Sister City Collection, Japan
Portland Museum of Art, OR
Dwight Holland Collection, NC
Contemporary Museum of Art Collection, Portland, OR
Timber Press Publishing Company, Portland, OR
Wooster College Art Museum, OH
Earl Mallard Collection, IL
Charles A Custom Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI


2012  The Cone Box Show juror, NCECA 2013
2008  Western Colorado Center for the Arts, Juror of invitational Exhibition
2005  “Strictly Functional” Juror, Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman  
2004  “500 Cups” Juror, Lark Books
2002  San Angelo Art Museum, guest artist, TX
1992   Nevada Governors Arts  Award
1984   Art Advocate’s Association Grant
1984   Metropolitan Arts Com. Purchase Award to build the East Creek Anagama kiln,  OR
1981   Wichita Arts Association Purchase Award, OR
1968   Scholarship for the Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR