October 20, 2023 

Join the Newberry police and fire departments this Halloween night for a festival from 6-8 p.m. The event will take place at the City of Newberry Public Safety Complex, 1507 Nance Street.

Police Chief Kevin Goodman said two of his goals when beginning his position as police chief involved inclusiveness and getting out into the community.

“If there is anyone uneasy about going to other locations on Halloween night, we’ve created a safe environment here at the police department,” Goodman said.

Goodman said his staff shares his passion for outreach. Sergeant Caitlin Branch said many interactions with the community occur simply in passing and they always like to look for more ways to get involved.

“Events such as this one give us one-on-one interaction with the community,” she said.

While in the past, the Newberry Fire Department has distributed candy at both of their fire stations in Newberry on Halloween, Fire Chief Gene Shealy said this year they’ll be pulling their resources to have their staff at the complex with the police department for the joint event.

The festival will include a door decorating contest, giving visitors the chance to vote on their favorite decorative door display. Carnival games such as bowling and ring toss will also be on site for children to enjoy.

Candy and small prizes will be distributed to children. Shealy said the Newberry Fire Department would also have fire prevention materials for families as October marks Fire Prevention Month.