November 11, 2022


Newberry Police Chief Kevin Goodman shared news with City Council on Tuesday that the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy would be using Newberry’s policies as a model for the different agencies throughout the state that were not yet accredited.

The Newberry Police Department has been an accredited agency since 2000, he said.

The SC Criminal Justice Academy chose six departments that they would be using as models for other agencies.

“I think that speaks volumes on where we are as an agency,” Goodman said.

Goodman elaborated on some of the standards and policies of the city’s police department that the academy would be sending across the state.

“We have a well-trained police force and we’re very proud of that,” Mayor Foster Senn said.

Goodman told council their department had been doing directed patrols each month and partnering with local agencies as well as state agencies. Recently, a partnership was formed with the organization, Parents Overseeding Planted Seeds to perform a skit and outreach in the Wise Street community and he said that was a powerful event.

As an update for the community, Senn spoke of Arbor Day, which is celebrated on the first Friday in December in South Carolina. The city plans to do a tree planting at a local elementary school as well as the Newberry Fire Department this year, he said.

Public Hearing

Senn held a public hearing for an ordinance to amend the zoning and future land use map for a parcel of land located at 1148 Copeland Street to R6 – Residential. First reading of the ordinance was held last month.

Hearing no comments in favor or opposition of the ordinance, the public hearing was closed.

Second and final reading was then held of the ordinance with a motion to approve made by Councilperson Carlton Kinard and seconded by Councilperson Edwin Wicker.

New Business

Under new business, council approved a request for outside water service for a property located at 2320 Vincent Street. The property owner agreed to execute an annexation covenant indicating a willingness to annex if the property became contiguous to the city limits and council determined it was in the best interest of the city to annex the property. There will be a $1,400 outside water tap fee.

Motion to approve the request was made by Councilperson Lemont Glasgow and seconded by Councilperson Jackie Holmes.

Council also approved a request to allow alcohol in designated areas for the Newberry Downtown Development Association (NDDA) Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 19. The NDDA requested permission to allow beer and wine only, served and sold from inside downtown businesses with a current alcohol license, using plastic cups to be no larger than 16 ounces, to be taken from the business into the outdoor event area. The event area includes Main Street from Nance to Holman Street only.

Motion to approve the request was made by Kinard and seconded by Councilperson David Force.

Public Comment

John Hammond, Joe Goeckner and John Probst, residents of the Loblolly neighborhood of Newberry brought forth concerns to City Council on the location of the crypto mining operation underway behind Newberry Electric Cooperative.

Concerns included the noise levels, property values and security.

The three asked council to investigate the potential of the city’s noise ordinance. While the property is not located into the city limits, concerns were raised about the noise levels traveling into the city limits.

City Council will hold their next regular meeting on Tuesday, December 13 at 7 p.m.