January 12, 2022


City Council recognized many employees and retirees Tuesday at their regular council meeting. Each staff member was honored with a certificate, plaque or gift commemorating their years of service.

Mayor Foster Senn said one of the positive things that had come out of the past few years was that city staff were now recognized quarterly outdoors in Memorial Park. Senn thanked the staff as they heard praise about employees across all departments.

“This is quite the list of impressive folks,” Senn said of the honorees. “We would not be able to operate as the city without the quality work done by the names on this list.”

Tim Baker, utilities director was recognized for five years of service to the city’s utilities department. City Manager Matt DeWitt said the city was very fortunate to have Baker’s expertise and experience in helping run the city’s utilities department.

“Tim is an integral piece in the continued successful operations of the city’s utilities department,” DeWitt said. “He has overseen the advancement of our systems and continues to ensure that the public utilities our customers pay for are operating at their optimal levels.”

Also with the utilities department, Robbie Long was recognized for five years. Long is an electric lineman. DeWitt described Long as a very hard worker, reliable and with outstanding performance.

Casey Proctor, water sewer foreman within the utilities department was also recognized for five years of service to the city. DeWitt said Proctor worked well with his co-workers as well as with other departments.

“He has excellent knowledge of the job and is very dedicated,” he said.

For his 10 years of service to the city’s Public Works department, Britt Worthy was recognized by council. Worthy is a heavy equipment operator III. Worthy was described by DeWitt as a dedicated employee that took his job very seriously.

Chris Bouknight, maintenance worker, was recognized for 15 years of service to the city’s Public Works department.

“Chris always has a positive attitude and never complains about assisting other departments,” DeWitt said.

Also within the Public Works department, Jody Day was recognized for his 15 years of service. Day is a supervisor within the department. DeWitt said that Day was an employee that had to wear several different hats within the city and that he was always willing to take on new duties and projects.

Finance Director Shannon Smith was recognized Tuesday for her 15 years of service to the city’s finance department. DeWitt said Smith has continued a tradition of financial excellence at the City of Newberry.

“Shannon has overseen many changes within the city throughout her tenure and always ensures the city’s best financial interests are being met,” he said.

William Brown was recognized for his 25 years of service to the city’s utilities department. Brown is an electric foreman within the department and was described as a first-class foreman and huge asset to the city.

Described as dependable and dedicated, Leo Cannon was recognized for his 25 years of service to the city’s Public Works department. Cannon is a maintenance worker within the department.

Kevin Longshore was recognized for 30 years with the city’s utilities department. Longshore is a water plant operator and does work within the plant’s lab as well as maintenance and keeping up with parts and supplies needed at the water plant. DeWitt said that Longshore had spent many long days and overnights during various matters at the plant and was a dedicated employee.

Fire Chief Keith Minick was recognized for his 30 years of service with the Newberry Fire Department. DeWitt said after 30 years in the fire service, there wasn’t much that Minick hadn’t seen.

“Keith has a passion for fire safety and the Newberry community, and it is evident in the work he does each day,” he said.

Municipal Judge Frank Partridge was recognized by council for his 45 years of service. DeWitt said as judge, Partridge had never had a case reversed on appeal and was known to be a good and fair judge.


Angela Summer was honored for her retirement after over 30 years of service to the city. At her retirement earlier this year, Summer was Water Plant Superintendent within the utilities department.

DeWitt said that Summer was committed to the job and could be counted on to make sure the city’s water system was reliable.

Retiring in July 2021, Tamra Tootle was recognized for her service to the city for over six years. At the time of her retirement, Tootle was Division Director. DeWitt said Tootle’s involvement in human resources and risk management saw many advancements to the interactions and technologies serving the city’s employees.

Senn thanked the retirees for being “all-star” city employees.

“They have been so dedicated, done so much for our citizens and we are appreciative,” he said.

 Tim Baker, 5 years

 Robbie Long, 5 years

 Casey Proctor, 5 years

 Britt Worthy, 10 years

 Chris Bouknight, 15 years

 Jody Day, 15 years

 Shannon Smith, 15 years

 William Brown, 25 years

 Leo Cannon, 25 years

 Kevin Longshore, 30 years

 Keith Minick, 30 years

 Frank Partridge, 45 years

 Angela Summer, Retirement