The Newberry Fire Department was recently awarded a grant through the Firehouse Subs Foundation for Hometown Heroes. Thanks to this grant, Fire Chief Keith Minick says the department was able to purchase a Polaris all terrain utility vehicle.

This vehicle, Minick says will be most helpful to the city’s fire department for purposes of carrying fire suppression and rescue equipment throughout an event in the city or in and out of a wooded area.

The department was awarded the grant earlier this year. However, Firehouse Subs in Newberry recognized the department on Saturday, August 7 as part of their first responders water drive, H2O for Heroes. Each year, the organization collects water to go to local first responders and community groups to be distributed to those in need.

“Firehouse Subs is a company that bases its sales and its community involvement on being able to raise money for first responders. We’re a vessel for community support,” said Karen Wilson, regional manager of Firehouse Subs.

Wilson said the community was phenomenal, helping them through donating and that this was a really good opportunity to show how much Firehouse Subs appreciated first responders.

“This ATV will be instrumental to us for the many festivals that we have downtown and to navigate through traffic to take care of our residents and guests,” Minick said.

The ATV contains a 70-gallon water/3-gallon foam tank and will hold six firefighters.

Mayor Foster Senn said the Polaris was an impressive vehicle and great donation by Firehouse Subs.

“Whether it’s this ATV, the mural in the restaurant for the Newberry Fire Department, or the great meals that they have every day, Firehouse Subs is an outstanding corporate citizen and member of the Newberry community,” Senn said.

Minick said the Newberry Fire Department was very appreciative of the grant program that made this possible.

“We’re excited to be able to receive grants from a business in our community to better serve our citizens and visitors alike,” he said.  

 From left to right: Lt. RJ Dowd, Ashley Larson (Firehouse Subs restaurant manager), Volunteer Firefighter David Hurst, Firefighter Corey Brown, Firefighter Tim Beaudoin, Engineer Jake Longshore, Karen Wilson (Firehouse Subs Regional Manager) and Mayor Foster Senn

 The ATV contains a 70-gallon water/3-gallon foam tank and will hold six firefighters.