The City of Newberry Utilities Department celebrated a ribbon cutting Wednesday for their newest water tank. Located on Airport Road, the tank will not only serve the citizens of Newberry, but businesses such as Kraft-Heinz, located just beyond the tank itself.

Utility Director Tim Baker said that Kraft-Heinz, one of the city’s largest industrial customers, used one-third of the city’s water supply, meaning one out of every three gallons of water produced by the City of Newberry was used by the industry.

“Being that they are one-third of our system, we needed to have water storage here close to them,” he said. “Putting this tank online improves our hydraulics so much in the city. This project not only helps Kraft-Heinz and our utility, but every citizen that we serve.”

By putting this new water tank online, Baker said it will allow for needed maintenance on other water tanks in the city, including those on College and Player Streets. In order to keep water flowing, Baker said they have not been able to do necessary maintenance to other tanks and that this fall, that maintenance would begin.

Ebony Mack-Orr spoke on behalf of Newberry’s Kraft-Heinz saying they pride themselves on being a part of the Newberry family and thanked the city for their partnership.

“Anything for the community, we’re going to stand behind it,” she said. “We want to try to treat everyone here in the city and in our facility as a family member.”

City Manager Matt DeWitt said this project had been a long time coming and that they were excited to get the tank online.

“We’re excited about what this does for Kraft-Heinz, but even more excited about what this does for the community overall,” he said.

Baker said there were many partners that were involved in getting the water tank constructed and online. He thanked partners including CROM, Kinard Control Systems, Inc., Kraft-Heinz, Santee Cooper, the South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority, Summit Engineering, Tom Brigman Contractors, WE Baker & Son, Inc., and WEST Electrical Contractors.

For their support of the project, Baker also thanked Newberry City Council.

When something of this stature is put together, Baker said there were many tweaks that needed to be made and each partner worked with them to accomplish their goal.

“With this new water tank added to the City of Newberry water system, we are ensuring Newberry residents, businesses and industries have a water supply they can count on for decades to come,” said Mayor Foster Senn.

 Being that Kraft-Heinz is one-third of the city’s water system, the city needed to have water storage close to their plant. 

 Utility Director Tim Baker welcomed everyone to Wednesday’s ribbon cutting.

 Utility Director Tim Baker shows Liz MacDonald and Michelle Long how the water tank’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system works.