The City of Newberry is excited to announce a new partnership that includes the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office, City of Newberry Police Department, Newberry County Department of Public Safety, Newberry County Coroner’s Office, Whitmire Police Department, Prosperity Police Department, and Newberry County Memorial Hospital.

Together, we have partnered together for a better way to communicate with our citizens, county-wide through the CodeRED Community Notification System. While the City of Newberry has been using this system for some time already, with this partnership, citizens can register and receive important or critical notification messages for all these entities with one account!


Sign up for CodeRED here. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is CodeRED?
The CodeRED system is used to send emergency notifications, but also to communicate information on public safety, utility announcements, city events, community announcements, scam and crime alerts, weather alerts, school closings and much more.

In addition, the South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) already uses the CodeRED system for notifications so this will enable citizens to have a single source for alerts and notifications from the local and state level.

Residents and businesses located within Newberry County are encouraged to sign up for CodeRED to be sure they receive timely emergency notifications and other important information and instructions when alerts are issued. This is our way of staying in touch!

2. Isn’t there a CodeRED app?
Yes, CodeRED also has an app that can be downloaded to your smart phone. This app will let you know about alerts from your location from any organization that uses CodeRED even if you are traveling outside of Newberry County. However, this feature works only on the app and only if the area you are traveling to uses the CodeRED notification system. It can be downloaded from the play store or app store on your phone. (Please keep in mind this is a different registration and you would need to register for the app as a new registration apart from your online registration). Download the CodeRED mobile app here.

3. Why does CodeRED need my address?
When you enroll in the CodeRED system, alerts are issued to you by your geographical location. In the event of an emergency, this allows us to quickly notify citizens that the emergency could directly impact!

4. Do I have to receive text, emails and phone calls when signing up?
Absolutely not! Alerts can be sent to your cell phone, landline, by text and even email. You get to choose! Also when registering, you choose which notifications are important to you – whether that be events county-wide or for the Newberry County School District, or if you only want to be notified in an emergency.

5. Can I receive alerts for Newberry County even if I do not live here?
If you would like to receive these alerts and do not live in Newberry County, you can register using the address of the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office, 550 Wilson Road, Newberry, SC.

6. How much does this service cost?
The CodeRED alert system is free for citizens to take advantage of! To sign up for CodeRED, please see the link above. It will only take a few minutes to get you started!

If you know of anyone who may also be interested, encourage them to sign up and enter their information. If they don’t have computer access, have them contact our office and we will be happy to assist them.