Newberry, SC Business Demographics

Newberry, SC is a city positioned for growth and committed to developing its local economy. Whether you are a recent college graduate looking for a place to start your career, an entrepreneur looking for a place to start your business, or an established company looking for expansion opportunities . . .look no further than Newberry, SC.

The City of Newberry offers a growing labor force and one of the best workforce training programs in the United States. We boast a strong local economy led by agriculture and manufacturing. Our close proximity to several major roadways and two major airports make us a prime opportunity place for workers and employers.

The Table Below Highlights the Potential for Business Growth Within the City of Newberry:

Major Store Type
Potential Revenues
Actual Sales
Leakage / Surplus
Capture Index
Equipment & Supply Dealers
Clothing & Clothing Accessories Stores
Electronics & Appliances Stores
Food & Beverage Stores
Foodservice & Drinking Places
Furniture & Home Furnishings Stores
GAFO (Discount Retailers/Department Stores)
General Merchandise Stores
Health & Personal Care Stores
Miscellaneous Store Retailers
Motor Vehicle & Parts Dealers
Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book & Music Stores
Total Retail Sales (Including Foodservice) 

Potential Revenues: Total potential sales/service revenue within the geographical trade area.
Actual Sales: Actual revenue currently generated by sales/service in the geographical trade area.
Leakage/Surplus: Gap between potential and actual sales/service revenue showing available market share remaining within the geographical trade area.
Capture Index: Shows actual percentage of potential revenue being captured within the geographical trade area.

CLICK HERE for the complete Buxton CommunityID, Business Demographic Study conducted for the City of Newberry (2010).

Buxton is a leading market research company specializing in site selection for major retailers. This is accomplished by utilizing the most advanced technologies available in the field of market research coupled with an extensive wealth of consumer data. If you would like to learn more about the Buxton study conducted for the City of Newberry please email your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..